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Jalapeno High

It's about to get hotter than your mommas chilli...

Welcome to Jalapeño High, the podcast sitcom from Weirdos Comedy Club where the curriculum is spicier than Satan's habaneros.

Forced away from the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the city, Jessica Suitcase finds herself at a strange school, in a strange town. She's no square, but there seems to be something seriously odd about the curriculum, all they seem to want to teach is things about Spicy Food.

Expect, brilliant accents, high-school clichés and at least one talking crocodile and you're not even close to how amazing this is.

Written By: Adam Larter

Directed By: Matthew Highton

Produced By: Howard Cohen

Music By: Laurence Own




Harriet Kemsley as Jessica Suitcase

John Kearns as Jed Suzuki

Pat Cahill as Dillon Upholstery

Joz Norris as Jenson and Bacon

Katia Kvinge as Chanprise and Mrs Witchboson

Eleanor Morton as Eloise, Lou-Anne,

Mark Stephenson as Fred Suitcase

Holly Burn as Clara Suitcase (eps 1&2) 

Cassie Atkinson as Clara Suitcase (eps 2 onwards) and Italian Student

Ali Brice as Graham O'Agriculture, Barmand Jack and The Vicar,

Beth Vyse as Carmel, Betsy and Cynthia

Gareth Morinan as Weird Cowboy Man, The Librarian 

Marny Godden as Doctor Jennings and Rachel 

Michael Brunstrom as Stinky Winters and

William Lee as Croc

Darren Maskell as The Narrator

Lucy Pearman as Wilma and Spice Girl Kim

Letty Butler as Old Mick, Spice Girl Kelly and Anthea

Adam Larter as Mrs Curtains and Mr Putanski

Matthew Highton as Mr Suzuki and Hospital Dean

Cast and Crew

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