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I'll be honest I'm terrible at updating this site. If you want up to date nonsense Twitter is where I'm most active. If you want to look at some of the videos I put out YouTube is neatest. If you just want to know a bit more about me, well:

I have made shorts and sketches that have done festivals the world over, I've made content and funny stuff for the BBC, Channel 4, Movember, The Beano, Cartoon Network, all sorts really... At some point I promise there'll be a neat showreel here. Until then enjoy this video.

I also do a lot of live work. As a solo stand up having played Festivals around the world including Edinburgh, Adelaide, Latitude and Glastonbury. I'm also part of the Weirdos Collective, a group of oddballs who have won numerous awards and been nominated for even more. 

That's the gist, basically... 


Time Out London – Critic’s Choice

Hi there, if you're here you're probably looking me up. I'm Matthew Highton, I'm a comedian and filmmaker who makes a lot of weird videos here on the internet. They do pretty well, many of them have gone viral with millions of views, some have upset people, most are just silly fun things.

Adelaide Now


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